Staff of

Noah's Ark

Lisa Jackson - Director

Lisa Jackson has been actively walking with the Lord since her early 20’s. She has been involved in children’s ministry to some capacity at Calvary Chapel Chico since 1998. Lisa desires to influence children to know and love Jesus as well as to minister to families.

Lisa has continuously worked in the field of child development since 1992. Her professional experience includes being the director of a preschool, facilitating programs for infants through 6th grade children, creating and delivering continuing education and policy instruction for child care volunteers and overseeing the development of a preschool facility. Lisa has taught parenting classes for the Foster Kinship Program through Butte College since 2007 and has been an adjunct faculty member at California State University Chico in the Child Development Department since 2012. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development, a Master of Arts degree in Education with a focus on curriculum development and a Site Supervisor Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Amy W.- Lead Infant room teacher/ Administrative Assistant

Sarah P. - Lead Preschool Teacher

JoAnn V. - Lead Preschool Teacher

Beverly V. - Preschool Teacher

Sarah S. - Preschool Teacher

Alecia S. - Assistant Preschool Teacher

Tesa G. - Preschool Aide

Logan F. - Preschool Aide

Becky S. - Infant Room Teacher

Jasmine M. - Infant Room Teacher

Nicole R. - Infant Room Teacher

Elizabeth O. - Infant Room Teacher

Elise C. - Infant/ School Age Teacher

Jeanie S. - Infant Room Aide

Zoe O. - Infant Room Aide

Erica L. - Infant Room Aide

Diane B. - Kitchen

Katie C. - Kitchen/ Sub

Holly G. - Sub

Jack K. - Sub

Christian R. - Preschool Aide

Bri B. - Infant Room Aide

Emma M. - Preschool Aide/ School Age afterschool care

Emma E. - School Age afterschool care