Philosophy Statement

Infant, Toddler, Preschool and School age Care.

Where children come to grow, learn and share in God’s love!


Children are precious in God’s sight and must receive care from adults who are capable, caring and effective role models. They should also experience a positive learning environment that contributes to healthy development of normal milestones. This will lead to an increased sense of competence and independence in themselves. Play is vitally important to an acquisition of skills in all developmental domains; physical, emotional, social and cognitive.

Teachers and staff will draw upon their training, education, experience and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to create an appropriate educational environment which carefully guides children through scaffolding from one developmental level to another. Teaching children to problem solve will be the outlook and goal of all interactions, guiding children from an external perspective with the goal that the child will internalize behavior and become more self-disciplined as time goes on.

Parents/guardians contribute to and enhance the quality of care offered through their routines and interactions with the children both at home and at the center.


There will be biblical themes and teaching throughout our programs. Memory verses will be implemented in the preschool and pre-k program. All lessons will be a reflection of, extension of and in support of God’s Word. Prayer will be implemented throughout the day for all ages.